Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles picks up where the two previous Edward A. Grainger short story collections left the lawmen in 1880’s Wyoming and takes them through to forty years later in The Big Easy.

Chief Devon Penn calls on Deputy Gideon Miles to locate their friend and fellow U.S. marshal, Cash Laramie, who has vanished in “Missing.” What Miles finds in a secluded cabin is a distraught Outlaw Marshal, still rattled over the shooting deaths of two innocents. But the well-being of his friend will have to take a backseat as a mob of gunslingers, intent on revenge, are closing in for the kill.

“The Wicked” transports Cash to a squalid New Orleans wharf where he’s being tortured by a man known as the Preacher. The information Cash harbors could free him but it would endanger a childhood friend who saved the young Cash from a beating, and reveals a shame that has stuck with him from his Arapaho upbringing.

A shady journalist is tracking down Cash in “Legends” for a piece on the Old West days, but the Outlaw Marshal has a contract out on his life and is in hiding. The only one with any details of his whereabouts is Gideon Miles who is now running one of the foremost jazz clubs in the French Quarter. A thrilling climatic shootout on the modern mean streets more than matches anything they experienced in the Old West.

“Merciless” features an aged, pensive Cash Laramie. He’s no longer a marshal, in a bad marriage, and longing for a past long gone. When a blowhard named Roberts begins belittling the retired lawman, the end result will be bullets and blood.

This nine story collection is rounded out with “On the Death of a President,” “New Dog, Old Tricks,” “Interlude,” “Bourbon Dreams,” and “Property of a Gunfighter” that spotlight quieter, but no less enthralling, slices of life with insight into the lawmen’s motivations. If you like Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles volumes I and II, you will want to see how the story continues in Further Adventures.

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Praise for the first collection of short stories, Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles by Amazon Best Selling Western author Edward A. Grainger ...

With ADVENTURES OF CASH LARAMIE AND GIDEON MILES, Edward A. Grainger has given fans of traditional Westerns something new and exciting to sink their choppers into. Not a fan of Westerns? Been a while since you've tucked into one? Prefer crime stories? No worries, these stories are as much crime, action, and adventure tale as they are Western. But all that genre affiliation aside, these are damn fine stories.

--Matthew P. Mayo, Spur Award-winning author of Tucker's Reckoning

I confess, until I read Grainger's Cash and Miles stories, I always thought of Westerns as dusty, dated affairs. But Grainger proved me wrong. His blend of Westerns and crime fiction is pitch-perfect, bringing out the best in both genres.
--Chris F. Holm, Anthony Award nominee for The Big Reap

The writing is spare and impactful, the stories are imaginative. Even if you don't think you're a fan of "Westerns", do yourself a favor and check out this collection --- it just might prove to be the best 99 cents you ever spent.
--Wayne D. Dundee, author of the "Joe Hannibal PI" series

If you're a Western fan and haven't yet made the acquaintance of Cash and Gideon, you definitely should, and this volume is a perfect introduction.
--James Reasoner, author of Texas Wind

Plain and simple, Edward A. Grainger's, ADVENTURES OF CASH LARAMIE AND GIDEON MILES, proves that there's not only life in the Western genre, but it's kicking butt and taking names. This is one of the most entertaining Westerns of the year.
--Larry D. Sweazy, Spur Award-winning author of The Coyote Tracker

The Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles don't just provide good old fashioned Western adventure, but also give the Western genre a modern noir twist. A perfect example of pushing the boundaries of a genre while still providing solid entertainment. I'm there for the long ride.
--Paul Bishop, author, screenwriter, star of Take the Money and Run

These aren't just great Westerns; they're great stories. Mr. Grainger has put together one heck of a collection, featuring characters so full they call out for their own novels. Great work. And I look forward to what these characters do next.
--Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball

There is humor and pathos and history and a reverence for the land and times. What a nice collection.
--Patricia Abbott, author of Home Invasion


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