An Alternate History World War II Dystopian Novella . . .

The Axis forces won World War II, and a monstrous tower rising from the ruins of Philadelphia is the heart of the Nazi-occupied United States. Norm Cromwell does what he can to survive under the restrictive regime of The New Republik of America, but he is starving, and resources are dwindling, and his paranoia is building, and agents are always watching. When a riot breaks out in line at the food distribution truck, Norm and two of his coworkers must go on the run to find Free America. Hunted by scout zeppelins, massive walking tanks, and agents of the Republik, Norm must decide what is most important to him-survival or self-sacrifice for a greater good.

This Post-Apocalyptic Dieselpunk novella was inspired by 1984, The Man in the High Castle, and Metro 2033.

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LEVIATHAN | Chuck Regan