PALE MARS | Garnett Elliott


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After a bloodbath beneath the surface of Ceres, an urgent message sends Cosmonaut Nadezhda Gura and her crew on a mission to Mars. Something's menacing the American colony there, snatching up citizens one by one from the shadows, but nobody seems to know who-or what-is responsible. Is it political dissidents? The last survivor of a long dead race? Or, as some whisper, a tall figure with burning eyes, preying vampire-like among the domes and air ducts of the colony?

Nadezhda's quest for answers takes her through the ruins of the Red Planet, as secret agendas are revealed, and a final showdown with a monstrous force, threatening communists and capitalists alike, ensues.

PALE MARS is the sequel to RED VENUS, part Raygun Gothic, part Space Opera, set in an alternate universe where atomic-powered rockets take the Cold War into space much earlier. It's retro sci-fi with a twist, seen through the eyes of the East.

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Praise for Garnett Elliott and Red Venus:

“Garnett Elliott takes the Cold War into space in this rip-roaring planetary adventure tale that wouldn't be out of place in the browning pages of an old issue of Imagination or Imaginative Tales, two of my favorites from the ’50s. Check it out!”
—Bill Crider, Anthony Award-winning author

* * *

“Garnett Elliott’s RED VENUS is an exciting science fiction thriller that is at once pulpy yet high tech, crackles with sharp characterizations, a full-tilt pace, plenty of twisty surprises, and action galore … Oh, and did I mention the hostile planet teeming with fierce, grotesque creatures who fly and crawl and ooze out of the muck to relentlessly stalk and strike at practically every turn? Buckle up tight and get ready for a maximum-G thrust into outer space adventure!”
—Wayne D. Dundee, Author of Fugitive Trail, By Blood Bound, and the Joe Hannibal series

* * *

“RED VENUS is a solid, old school pulp sci-fi story, equal parts adventure and intrigue. But it’s also an insightful ‘what if’ narrative … a terrifically fast-paced alternate history with great characters and pacing. I loved it, and I'm pretty damn hard to please when it comes to sci-fi.”
—Heath Lowrance, Author of Hawthorne: Tales of a Weirder West