Delusions of grandeur. Furby with an assault rifle. More convenience store robberies than ten seasons of Cops. This is Wake Up, Time to Die. Sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, and always filled with bad coffee and cheap cigarettes, these stories highlight the weird crime side of Chris Rhatigan's repertoire.


"Rhatigan is an expert at sketching out incidents that feel real, but are steeped in irony and dark humor." 
~Heath Lowrance 
author of The Bastard Hand and City of Heretics 

"Wake Up, Time To Die is noir cut with Novocain; sharp as a junkie's needle, yet hazy as the morning after. Reality is a fatal disease and this stepped-on high is your cure. Medicate now." 
~Chris Leek 
author of Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em 

"Chris Rhatigan writes sentences like a machine gun shoots bullets. The short stories in Wake Up, Time to Die are rapid-fire projectiles of genre-defying absurdity. A quick read that packs a heavy punch, this collection of fiction is what words were invented for: entertaining, enlightening, and FUN." 
~Danger Slater 
author of DangerRAMA and Love Me


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WAKE UP, TIME TO DIE | Chris Rhatigan